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CHARACTER NAME: Dylan, Jesse, London Landru / The Landru Triplets / The Stepford Harpies
CHARACTER SERIES: The Stepford Harpies are OCs created by me for a novel I'm writing


Backtagging: sure
Threadhopping: I guess so? I don't know what that is.
Fourthwalling: yes, if you actually take time to read the bio, go ahead
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nope, pretty much everything is okay here.


Hugging this character: sure...just don't hug Jesse. He might bite.
Kissing this character: Go right ahead but they might panic.
Flirting with this character: Yes, that would be hilarious just to see their reactions
Fighting with this character: Yes, but just know it will never be a one-on-one fight with them as the other two will jump in
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): yes, just nothing major like amputations, etc
Killing this character: No, my babies like their lives
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: That would be interesting so yes!

Warnings: The Stepford Harpies are very weird creatures. So be warned for randomness and their strangeness. They also refer to themselves as "we" even when they are having a one-on-one conversation.

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The Stepford Harpies

Welcome to The Hive


The Landru triplets, or the Stepford Harpies as they have been dubbed, are very confusing. They tend to keep to themselves and are rather quiet among others. Although those they do become friends with they hold very dear to them and consider them like family. The triplets are close-knit and would much rather stay inside and work on their jobs from home as toxicologists rather than go out and face the real world.

Dylan, London and Jesse are rather odd. They are a Hive Mind and collectively refer to themselves as "we". They also prefer to go by "they" pronouns. Some of the common things one can hear them say is "we are..." or "we think..."


Dylan, Jesse and London were born to one parent. Ambrose Landru, a hybrid bird-human who refers to himself as a Harpy, wound up laying eggs and hatching them to produce the Stepford Harpies. Being born together in that way, the three developed a mental connection. Growing up, they were homeschooled and taught everything by their parent, Ambrose and his lover, Will, who they considered to be their father.

Will and Ambrose raised them the only way they knew how. And after they graduated, the three fell into the footsteps of their "mother" and became toxicologists too. They went to school together, often getting ridiculed and bullied for what they were. That forged the bond between the three to become stronger. And eventually, when they graduated, Ambrose gave the triplets their vacation home to move into so they could work from home.

The Stepford Harpies have been there to this day.


Dylan, Jesse and London stand at five-foot-five due to the fact that their bottom half is a Great Horned Owl. From the waist up, however, they are male. The three have an athletic build. They also have blond hair and blue eyes like their parent. The three also have wings. Their wing span is 7 feet and their feathers and wings are a mix of various shades of brown.


Hive Mind: The triplets share the same mind despite having their own individual brains, thoughts, mindsets and personalities

Telepathy: The Stepford Harpies are able to telepathically communicate with each other, no matter how far away the others are and are able to feel what the other two are feeling.


NAME: Jesse, London, Dylan

NICKNAME: The Stepford Harpies


AGE: 25

STATUS: Single

OCCUPATION: Toxicologists

RESIDENCE: A ranch on the outskirts of town




THREADJACKING: Y (with permission)

MIND READING: Y (with permission)



INJURY: Y (with permission)



NAME: Gremlin

JOURNAL: [personal profile] landofathousandmuses


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the stepford harpies